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Playing to Win

TFA ELITE (EPC) is a 'discovery football club' that was launched in 2022.
The primary goal of TFA Elite is to identify and nurture young football players from grassroots level up to professional status. One standout aspect of TFA Elite is its successful track record in developing football talent. What makes TFA Elite particularly unique is its open policy towards international players, making it a diverse and competitive environment. Additionally, the club has streamlined visa processes for emerging talent, making it easier for players to join and develop. TFA Elite goes above and beyond by allowing 17-year-olds to play professionally, providing them with valuable experience and exposure at a young age. With its specialized training and development programs, TFA Elite positions itself as an ideal incubator for accelerating players toward top clubs in Europe and the GCC region. 


TFA ELITE specializes in search and selection of football talent, utilizing our extensive global network of partners. We focus on identifying promising prospects at the grassroots level.

  • Our primary markets include: Brazil in Latin America, Nigeria and Ghana in Africa, North America, and Australia

  • Sources include: TFA Academy, agents, partners, and advanced scouting technology such as Transfer Market and scouting tours.

  • The TFA Elite is a football acceleration program focused on player development. Our program offers professional training in fields such as psychology, fitness, technique, and tactics. We also provide a personal development plan, covering topics such as nutrition, mentality, and physicality. Our goal is to shape well-rounded players with a positive attitude on and off the field.

  • Our player performance and exit strategy include:

    • Players are monitored and evaluated for up to 4 transfer windows.

    • After 1-2 years on the team, players are either transferred to higher-level clubs or released.

    • Our ultimate goal is to develop top-notch football players who are ready to excel at the professional level.

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