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The Future
of Football
in Dubai

TFA EPC's Quest for Excellence

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30-day trial with "EPC Future" Team

3 Gym Sessions per week

2 Training Sessions per week 

1 Match per week


Daily meals  



Playing to Win

Our training model not only bases itself on the four fundamental pillars of football, Psychology, Fitness, Technique, and Tactics, but it also offers a personal development plan measuring a player's nutrition, mentality, physicality, and overall attitude. We believe that these elements are the nodal points to succeed in football and a means of forging opportunities and paths to a career in this sport.

How to join EPC Team

TFA EPC strives to provide the highest quality of footballing performance and chooses only those players who have the potential to consistently raise the bar.


We have been part of the TFA family for 3 years now, and have been very impressed with the coach's dedication and nurturing of the players from the start. Last year was a disappointment, unfortunately. This year, with the arrival of coach Jake, we saw a massive improvement in the gameplay of the entire team and in particular our daughter. He’s built a great and mature relationship with the team and continues to bring the best out of each member of the team. We thank him for his efforts and continuous support. Super happy to hear that he will remain our daughter’s coach next year!


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