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Welcome to Elite Performance Center by TFA! We are a prestigious football club in Dubai, playing in the FIFA Recognized league “UAE FA Division 3.” 

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This club serves as the first step for aspiring footballers aged 17 and above, providing a pathway to launch their careers in professional football into the European, Asian, American and African Markets.

Take the first step by joining our trial!

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Our distinctive program at Elite Performance Center by TFA sets us apart from other football clubs. 

We develop promising talents and offer them professional football training and match experiences that align with their ambitions. Whether new to the game or seasoned, we guarantee unparalleled growth and development as players begin their journey into the world of professional football.



Are you ready to be part of Dubai's elite football club and help launch your career in professional football? 

Register today for an open trial, and take the first step toward reaching your full potential on the pitch.

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