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Transfer Player Profile: Mohammed Rida Azzouz


In-Depth Case Study: Mohammed Rida Azzouz

Name: Mohammed Rida Azzouz

Age: 23

Height: 1.75 cm

Nationality: Netherlands

Current Club: TFA EPC

Previous Clubs: Saalfelden, Shooting Stars FC, Krystal Palace

Positions: Center Back, Central Defensive Midfielder

Foot: Left

Contract: 30/06/2024

Transfer Fee: $50k

Mohammed Rida Azzouza promising 23-year-old defender from Ghanian has shown immense growth and capabilities at TFA EPC. His versatility in playing as a center back, central defensive midfielder combined with a strong left foot, has made him a notable asset in both defensive and offensive plays.

A Modern Defender with Tactical Versatility and Technical Proficiency

Azzouz​ excels in both central and wide defensive roles, showcasing remarkable adaptability across various tactical setups. His ability to read the game and anticipate plays, coupled with a strong right foot that facilitates both intricate short passes and expansive long balls, renders him invaluable in build-up play and defensive scenarios. As a defender who thrives in intercepting and initiating counterattacks, Azzouz​​ offers a rare blend of defensive solidity and offensive catalyst.

This young defender's career, marked by significant contributions at clubs like Saalfelden, Shooting Stars FC, and Krystal Palace, highlights a trajectory of consistent growth and performance. Azzouz​ skills are not just a promise but a proven asset, evidenced in his ability to transform defense into attack seamlessly, making him a highly sought-after talent for clubs seeking a long-term investment in their defensive arsenal. His suitability for a range of tactical systems, combined with his potential for further development, makes Mohammed Rida Azzouz an invaluable prospect for any ambitious team aiming to compete at the highest levels.

Strengths and Skills Assessment

Positional Intelligence

Ball Progression: ​Azzouz​​'s ability to position himself strategically for ball progression is commendable. His sense of when to advance or hold position enhances his team's build-up play.

Aerial Prowess

Dominance in Air Duels: A key strength in Azzouz​​’s game is his aerial dominance, making him a formidable opponent in both defensive situations and offensive set-pieces.

Interceptive Acumen

Anticipating and Intercepting: His skill in reading the game and intercepting passes disrupts opposition attacks and transitions play to offense efficiently.

Development Opportunities

Offensive Contribution: There's potential for Azzouz​​ to expand his role in attacking phases, especially during set-pieces.

Meet Mohammed

This section will contain a video interview with the player.

Market Advantages and Suitability

Tactical Versatility 

Formation Adaptability: Azzouz​'s skills are adaptable to various defensive formations, making him a valuable asset for teams employing back-three or back-four systems.

Technical Skills      

Passing Range: His capability to execute both short and intricate passes and long, field-switching balls makes him a dual-threat in possession-based and counter-attacking setups.

Physical Attributes      

Stature and Strength: His height and physicality give him an edge in duels and contribute to hisaerial abilities.

Notable Performance Analysis

Build-Up Play Contribution   

Positioning and Passing: Azzouz​'s movement into advanced positions, coupled with his ability to execute both short and long passes, overloads opposition defenses and increases attacking opportunities.

Defensive Impact        

Counteracting Long Balls: His anticipation and reaction to long balls are pivotal in mitigating aerial threats.
Spatial Awareness: His keen sense of positioning aids in intercepting passes and blockingattacks.



Mohammed Rida Azzouz presents a rare combination of tactical intelligence, technical skill, and physical prowess. At 23, he not only brings immediate defensive solidity and build-up play quality but also holds significant potential for growth. His adaptability across multiple defensive roles and
formations makes him an attractive prospect for top clubs seeking a long-term investment in their defensive lineup. Azzouzs current trajectory suggests he could evolve into a key player for any ambitious team looking to strengthen their defense with a player capable of contributing significantly to both phases of the game.

Ideal Buyer Profile

Given Marian Lences's skillset, tactical flexibility, and potential, the

ideal buyer profile for him would encompass several key characteristics:


Clubs with a Focus on Tactical


Teams Utilizing Multiple Formations: Clubs that frequently switch between different formations, such as transitioning from a back-four to a back-three, would find Imanzi's versatility highly


Teams Seeking Defensive


Defensively Challenged Teams: Clubs looking to bolster their defensive solidity, especially those struggling with aerial threats or requiring a defender capable of initiating attacks from the back.


Clubs with a Counter-Attacking Style           

Counter-Attack Proponents: Teams that emphasize quick transitions and counter-attacks would find Azzouz's ability to intercept and launch attacks extremely useful.

Mohammed Rida Azzouz is proudly represented by TFA EPC, your premier partner in talent management and development. If you require any further information, analysis, or have any inquiries about this exceptional player, don't hesitate to reach out to us. Our dedicated team is here to assist you in every aspect of player acquisition and development. We look forward to hearing from you and exploring the exciting opportunities that lie ahead. Contact us today to discover the extraordinary potential within our roster of exceptional talent.

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