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Football, the world’s beloved sport, continues its meteoric rise in Pakistan. The passion for football, fueled by global icons like Messi, Ronaldo, Mbappe, and Neymar, is now gripping the hearts of Pakistani fans. This burgeoning enthusiasm was evident when approximately 23,000 spectators filled Islamabad’s Jinnah Stadium for a World Cup qualifier match between Pakistan and Jordan, marking a historic moment for football in the country... (read more)


18-year-old attacking midfielder is open to potential move to JDT, highlighting his dream of playing for national team if opportunity arises (read more)


Taking place on June 5, event will offer standout participants a contract and chance to play in UAE’s football league. The Football Academy (TFA), a Dubai-based football academy renowned for its global outreach in identifying and nurturing football talent, is once again setting its sights on Kuala Lumpur for its latest talent showcase.... (read more)


“The excitement in the emirate is maximum,” says Juan Pablo Reynoso, collaborator of the tournament in the United Arab Emirates. The ' Gañafote Cup' grassroots soccer tournament, with official headquarters in Huelva, Andalusia (Spain), arrives this Saturday, December 2, in the city of Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates; so that the best team and winner of this tournament can directly enter the final round that will be played in Spain from March 21 to 24.... (read more)


The Middle East has thrown hundreds of millions at sports deals. This includes Christiano Ronaldo's signature, Formula One in Jeddah, and the lucrative LIV Golf tour. The journey to attract the best football coaches and players has not stopped. TFA Dubai, a prominent football academy and club in the UAE's Professional Football League, is back in South Africa for another round of football trials. This initiative follows the success of last year's event in Johannesburg, which resulted in local players securing professional contracts.... (read more)


The Football Academy (TFA), renowned for its global outreach in identifying and nurturing football talent, sets its sights on Islamabad, Pakistan, for its latest talent showcase. The showcase in Islamabad follows a rigorous yet promising format: 99 players will be trialed across three different sessions, with each session hosting 33 hopefuls. Through initiatives like these, TFA continues to strengthen its reputation as a forward-thinking club committed to football’s global development.... (read more)


 TFA has revamped its approach, offering a golden opportunity for local talent to shine without any barriers. In a significant move to give back to the community, TFA, in partnership with well-known Pakistani academies, has announced a free talent showcase slated for April 18. 99 free tickets for this exclusive event marks a pivotal moment in TFA’s mission to democratize access to professional football opportunities, reflecting a commitment to fostering sports development and talent recognition in communities that are rich in potential yet often overlooked.... (read more)


Cabaran hebat perlu ditempuhi mana-mana pemain tempatan yang bercita-cita besar untuk mengembangkan bakat karier dalam dunia bola sepak di luar negara.


Bagaimanapun, masalah itu tidak menyekat pemain muda, Daniel Nga untuk mengambil langkah berani dalam awal kariernya apabila kini bermain di Dubai, Emiriah Arab Bersatu (UAE)..... (read more)


የኢትዮጵያ የእግር ኳስ በርካታ አስርት ዓመታት ታሪክ ያለው ፤ አገሪቱም ተሰጥኦ ባላቸው ታዳጊዎች የተሞላች ብትሆንም በዓለም አቀፍ ደረጃ በእግር ኳሱ ተፅእኖ መፍጠር አልተቻለም። በካፍ ምስረታና በአፍሪካ እግር ኳስ እድገት ላይ ጠንካራ መሰረት የጣለችው ኢትዮጵያ ዛሬም በእግር ኳሱ በዘላቂነት ይህ ነው የሚባል ስም መትከል አልቻለችም። እምቅ አቅም ያላቸው ታዳጊዎችን ልክ እንደሌሎቹ የአፍሪካ አገራት በዓለም አቀፍ እግር ኳስ መድረኮች ላይ በበቂ መልኩ ስታሳትፍም አይስተዋልም። ይህ እውነታ ለእግር ኳስ ልዩ ፍቅር ላለው ደጋፊ እና ታዳጊ እግር ኳስ አፍቃሪያን ስሜት የሚጎዳ ነው።.... (read more)

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